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Water 4 Good!

Are you a gardener? My friend Tom Ryan has invented the WiserWand that saves water (and therefore saves money) in the garden. Now he needs to get it manufactured. He has a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money for manufacturing. You can help by purchasing a WiserWand for as little as $25. 25% of all profits are donated to clean water and sanitation world-wide.

Will you help? See details at http://kck.st/2oxxOrO.


Edmonds Farmers Market

From Late Spring through Early Fall come and shop at the Edmonds Farmers Market. You will find lots of fruits, vegetables, jewelry, clothing, and many other items for sale.

The early market, called the Garden Market, is held every Saturday in May and June from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Public Safety parking lot at 5th and Bell. After that, the Summer Market is held every Saturday in July, August and September (except the weekend of Taste of Edmonds) from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on 5th Street from Main Street (the downtown fountain) north to Bell Street, then east up Bell Street around Centennial Plaza. Both are sponsored by and are fundraisers for the Edmonds Museum.

For other Farmers Markets in Snohomish County, check out this site.

On a nice day the street fills with people checking out the vendors' wares. There is a lot to be found here.

People browsing at Edmonds Farmers MarketPeople browsing at Edmonds Farmers Market
Bright Flower Arrangement at Edmonds Farmers MarketFlower Arrangement at Edmonds Farmers Market
Bright Pepper Display at Edmonds Farmers MarketBright Peppers

These bright peppers caught my eye.

Vegetable Display at Edmonds Farmers MarketVegetables, anyone?
Bouquets of Flowers at Edmonds Farmers MarketBeautiful Flowers are Everywhere!