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I have a number of old 8mm movies that my Dad shot when I was a kid (and some he shot during World War II). Dragging out the 8mm projector to look at them was a pain. Not to mention the difficulty I had finding a replacement bulb for the projector when the old one failed a couple years ago.

So, I had these movies converted to DVD. Now they're much easier to view. And I can easily skip around to watch just the sections I want, in any order I want.

Look around the Internet and you will find many places that will copy 8mm and Super8 movies to DVD. However, I found out that not all conversions are equal. The first time I had part of my collection digitized, the results were not great. There were hot spots, and part of the frame was cropped. So, I kept looking, and found

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Home Movie Depot can convert 8mm movies, Super8 movies, negatives, prints and slides to DVD (and several other formats).

If you order from them and specify coupon "Gary Productions", you can get $10 off your order - every time you order!

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Give them a try! I've been pleased with the results.