I've enjoyed photography since I was in grade school when my parents gave me a 126 Instamatic camera. Do you remember those? My Dad also gave me a Kodak six-twenty folding camera when I was about 11 that he had used many years before. Film was expensive, so I shot relatively few pictures. I received a 35mm rangefinder camera as a gift when I was in high school, and then purchased my first SLR, an Exakta VX1000, when I was in college. The year after college I bought a Pentax Spotmatic, and have had a progression of cameras ever since. Through my high school and college years, up until the early '90s, I shot mostly slides. Then I switched to negatives/prints before going digital.

It wasn't until 2002 that I bought a digital camera, although I had digitized a few negatives before that to manipulate the image. At that time I went almost all digital. I did shoot a few rolls of film each year in my Pentax PZ1p film camera, as I had a nice flash unit, and the quick focus was a big help when taking pictures of the children with Santa at my friend's daycare Christmas party. And there were a few other occasions where I fell back to film - although I always had a CD of the digitized pictures made when the film was processed.

My first digital camera was a Canon S40. It was stolen a year later, and I replaced it with a Canon S50. A few years later I picked up a Canon SD200, which was so easy to slip in a pocket that I carried it everywhere. I now have a Canon SD880 to slip into my pocket, and a Pentax K10D SLR (yes, I like the Pentax cameras, and I do have a few lenses that fit them).

I also shoot some video. I have a compact GoPro camera which I use cross-country skiing with a chest harness, or mounted on a motorcycle helmet for shots while riding. And I own a Panasonic HDC-TM700 video camera for higher quality shots when not on the move.

I'm an amateur photographer, certainly not professional. My photography is mostly for my own enjoyment. I've taken pictures for other people, and I often make prints of my pictures for others. And I have, on occasion, been paid for my work, but certainly never enough to cover my equipment or time.

I hope you find some of my thoughts on photography helpful to you.