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Seaview Park

Seaview Park Entrance Sign, Edmonds, WASeaview Park Entrance Sign

Located at 80th Ave. W & 186th St. SW, Seaview Park has a baseball/soccer field and tennis courts. Children will enjoy the play area just below the restrooms. There is lots of grass to play frisbee, or have a picnic lunch. I found some of the best fall colors in all of the Edmonds Parks in Seaview Park. Dogs are allowed in this park. 

(GPS: 47.8307° N 122.3416° W)

Seaview Park Children's Play Area, Edmonds, WASeaview Park Children's Play Area
Seaview Park Baseball & Soccer Field, Edmonds, WASeaview Park Baseball & Soccer Field

Anyone for frisbee? How about a picnic in the park? Seaview Park has a large open grassy area that is perfect for this.

Seaview Park Open Grass Area, Edmonds, WASeaview Park Open Grass Area

I found some of the most brilliant fall colors in all of Edmonds right here in Seaview Park. These trees are adjacent to the tennis courts.

Seaview Park Fall Colors, Edmonds, WASeaview Park Fall Colors
More Fall Colors in Seaview Park, Edmonds, WAMore Fall Colors in Seaview Park

Seaview Park Locator Map